In the elephant house at the Detroit Zoo,

Lived Wanda and Winky who were friends through and through. 

They were beautiful animals, friendly and fun.

Gentle gray beasts that weighed nearly three ton.

Wanda and Winky tells the true story of two elephants who were voluntarily transferred from the Detroit Zoo to an animal sanctuary in California in 2005. They were given their freedom to live out their lives at the Performing Animals Welfare Society (PAWS) Ark 2000 Sanctuary. It is a happy story, one that gifts the reader with both empathy and hope for animals in captivity. Wanda and Winky is Linda McLean's second published book for children. Ms. McLean is a retired teacher and School Library Media Specialist.

"Your book is truly beautiful, from your prose and Susan's brilliant illustrations to all the references and the links to resources. Thank you for the gift of your wonderful book."

Glenn William Miller - Wildlife Photographer

-Excerpt from the book Wanda and Winky.

Illustration by Susan Vandeventer Warner

Meet Children's Author Linda K. McLean